About Us

Welcome to Ringwood Church of Christ

We believe that everyone is made in God’s image and is loved by God, regardless of status, identity, orientation or creed. We welcome everyone and would love to get to know you more and hear about your story.

As a community we want to be the body of Christ in our neighbourhood, speaking the words of Christ, and acting out of the compassion and grace of Christ.

Who We Are

Ringwood Church of Christ is a community of faith who love God and love people. We believe that everyone is made in God’s image and is loved by God, regardless of background, wealth, race, status, identity, orientation or creed. We welcome everyone.
Jesus is central in our lives. This transforms us towards a wholehearted and abundant life in Christ. We seek to live out His peace.
Together we strive to be the body of Christ in our neighbourhood and beyond. With Christ as our model, we speak and act out Jesus’ compassion and grace.

What We Belive

As a church we exist for mission. Our three key pillars are Mission, Community, and Formation and Jesus is central to all. Worship is the foundation which powers our forward momentum in these three areas.
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We are committed to being present to God, self and others; this is community. Community looks like welcome, hospitality, care, wellbeing, connection, and belonging.
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We are committed to living for others and seeking the flourishing of all people and communities. Mission looks like demonstrating mercy and compassion, pursuing justice, being active in advocacy and in wholehearted witness.
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We are committed to being transformed by the Holy Spirit and helping others experience spiritual transformation. Formation looks like learning, growing, experiential and spiritual practices, accountability, prayer, scripture.

Our Values

Authenticity – living in ways that are consistent with our beliefs and values
Humility – seeing ourselves honestly
Diversity – celebrating the richness of our differences
Inclusion – welcoming everyone
Unity – holding what we can in common

Safe Places

We are committed to being a safe organisation. As an affiliated church within Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania, we are being proactive in reducing risk for children, young people and adults, particularly the most vulnerable. We value diversity and will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour or abuse of any kind. We will continue to train and equip our leaders for the safety of all within our influence.


Weekly Worship Resources

Worship is our foundation together. We gather in person at our chapel and online via Facebook Live for worship, community and hope. Our worship is contemporary, intergenerational, authentic, invitational, and Jesus-centred. It includes a focus on Scripture, prayer and communion.

Worship is for everyone.

Life Groups for Incarnational Living

Life groups are central to our experience of community care. They are small clusters of encouragement, support and prayer, which help us to be engaged in discipleship and mission.

Our Team

Kaye Reid
Director of Ministries

Kaye Reid

John Robinson
Ministry Leader - Formation

John Robinson

Debbie Brewster head shot
Community Care Coordinator

Debbie Brewster

Tiffany Gilmour head shot
Community Engagement Coordinator

Tiffany Gilmour

Hannah Dungan
Generations Minister

Hannah Dungan

Brendan Petty
Worship Minister

Brendan Petty

Harley Kitchen
Associate Minister with Seniors

Harley Kitchen


Elissa Scott


Tim Allred


Sue Sinnatt
Andrew Whitby
Natalie Robson
Mark Nettelbeck

Churches of Christ

Churches of Christ in Australia is a movement of more than 400 Communities of Hope and Compassion, spread across Australia embedded in their neighbourhoods as signs, witnesses and a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. Ringwood Church of Christ is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Victoria & Tasmania.

Emmanuel Christian Church Melbourne

We share our facilities with Emmanuel Christian Church, Melbourne (ECCM).

ECCM are a community of Falam Chin Christians (a minority ethnic group from northwest Burma) who established a church in Ringwood in December 2007.

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