Life Groups


LIFE GROUPS: Making a large church smaller and creating more inroads for the wider community of neighbours and friends to find a place of encouragement.

The leadership of this church believe that Life Groups should very much work as a "micro-church".  In fact, it is impossible to build intimate, family-of-God relationships with the number of people  connected thorough the life of the church.  They are not an add-on, but a core foundation of  spiritual community.

Jesus’ model for doing life and faith was to powerfully invest in the development of groups of disciples actively learning through participating together in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus worked quite intentionally from quite large groups down to clusters of disciples (notably the 12 but there were also many others) and in the sending out of pairs in Action/Reflection teams experiencing the Kingdom of God in tangible ways.

Life Groups journey together.

Life Groups connect with God and each other.

Life Groups focus on mutual support and an intention to grow deeper and mature in faith.

Life Groups have an eye on the world and develop a practical responsiveness to others.

Life Groups take the time to notice, amplify and apply what God is doing in our community.

Life Groups help in discerning and affirming Spiritual gifts, celebrating God’s stories in people’s lives.

Life Groups encourage mentoring and formation.

Life Groups connect with purposeful mission. 


LIFE GROUPS can be very diverse. 

Life Groups can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Life Groups can meet in a home, the church or a Café, park or sports field.

Life groups can be large (up to 12) or small (a meeting of 2 or 3)

Life groups can study scripture,  participate in viewing DVD resources together, invite guests or use books as a launch pad for refection and focus.

Life Groups can maximize the preaching and teaching from week to week by using the set texts or study notes.

Life groups can take the form of a discussion group or an active participation in a fruitful activity.

Life Groups can be from around a sports hub, special interests or hobbies or shared exercise pursuits.



We would love to help you connect with others in our church community.

Please email the Church Office or phone 9870 8169 or talk to any of the ministry and leadership team. 

Download a copy of the latest Life Group Brochure here and return to the office