We offer age appropriate programs for all children aged from birth to Grade 6 during our Sunday morning services (10.00-11.30am). All age-groups use the same Light curriculum material and usually cover the same theme and Bible story each week, presented in an age-appropriate way.

CRECHE (0-3 year-olds)
Infants and toddlers are looked after for by our caring team. We believe it is important for parents to relax and enjoy uninterrupted time in the church service. We also believe it is important that infants enjoy their time with us. We provide a range of toys in a clean, safe environment. Carers read stories, provide cuddles, and play with the infants. Nappies are checked at least once during the service and parents are notified to come and change them. If your child needs you during the service, a carer will come and get you.

SPARKLERS (3-year-olds)
Children in Sparklers (as well as those in All Stars) are released from the church service around 10.30am. They enjoy a program that includes free play, story, colouring, crafts and teaching. We always provide a snack during the program, consisting of water and a biscuit or piece of fruit.

ALL STARS (4-year-olds and Preps)
As with Sparklers, leaders take the All Stars children out of the church service around 10.30am. The program includes organised play, creative storytelling, singing and craft activities. We always provide a snack each morning, generally consisting of cordial and a biscuit or piece of fruit.

Our program for children in Grades 1-6 commences at 10.00am in the downstairs Underground Station room (i.e. children do not go into the church service first, as the younger children do).  Parents sign their children into the program as they arrive.

Underground Station is a fun, dynamic, creative program. We include a variety of games, crazy challenges, worship, puppets, drama, DVD segments and more in an upfront program, before breaking into small groups for age-specific teaching.  We recognise the unique needs of Grade 6ers and provide opportunities for them to assist in the upfront program before leaving the group for their own program.

For all programs, parents are to sign out and collect their children from the designated areas at the end of the church service.

For more information email Linda Mill