Future Vision


  • We are committed to pressing into the core values that have been a centre point in our sense of mission, evangelism and community building over many years. We are a community with a deep pastoral heart and legacy of connection, creativity, active partnerships and service to the wider community. 
  • Jesus is Central: We continue to focus on the many ways that mentoring and coaching can be continually refreshed to inspire new generations of leaders focused on the transformative Way of Christ.  Practical mission, pastoral responsiveness, justice, equity and a multi-generational respect and model of inclusiveness are imbedded in our culture. 
  • People are vital: Our forward vision embraces a multifaceted approach to engaging, encouraging, equipping and empower people to fulfill what God has placed in them to be.  Mental health, refugee assistance, local schools, feeding the marginalized, creating networks of open hospitality, emphasizing an inclusive culture and discovering new ways of ‘blessing’ our neighbourhoods are all at the forefront of our unfolding purpose. 
  • Gift oriented: We remain committed to establishing pathways for identifying, encouraging, nurturing and releasing the gifts that God has planted in peoples lives.  Our experiments in mission, community work and established profile in ministry mentoring all speak to the reality of this intention.  We are committed to extending the ways in which personal transformation, enrichment and service are amplified. 
  • Although we are constantly challenged by restrictions of our building space we have taken on board an ethos of 'One House Many Rooms’ and are consequently using community space beyond our own buildings and have begun to network and articulate a vision for a series of church plant ‘experiments’.  A strawberry plant is probably our best expression of our emerging model.  A core mission centre and worshipping spiritual community initiating and joining conversations of emergent mission, offering imagination and resources. 
  • We are a dynamic church and continue to grow in our desire to create a responsive, engaging and empowering model of congregational life.  This is evidenced in a focus on an open-door to the community, encouragement of chaplaincy and the development of an ethos of being a missional disciple no matter where we are planted in life. 
  • We have a governance model that is designed around transparent and clear leadership which empowers and equips the congregation to fulfil  the nature of a robust Body.   The constitution  and annual reports etc. are available on request. 
  • We have set a 5 point Spiritual DNA Goal to continue to inform and shape our life together: Intentional MissionEncouraging Spiritual Gifts - Discipleship (formation and mentoring) - Life Groups - Telling God’s Stories. 
  • We are currently working to establish building and property development goals through an attention to the local mission outcomes and strategies particularly in relation to children’s and family community focus. 
  • We anticipate an ongoing growth of community connection and a multiplicity of cultures and ethnicities  forming the worshipping community. 

In the end we are all on a journey of faith.  God has a lot more in store for us and so it's good to have a healthy sense of dissatisfaction, to look forward to a future where we continue to be encouraged and challenged to honour God more, to take God's word more seriously and to strive for the best for the sake of God's Kingdom.